Dymaxium is a unique organization, established in 1996, and singularly focused on creating the interface between Payers and Life Sciences companies. Clients look to Dymaxium for Payer-driven, Payer-centric, and Payer-utilized solutions to facilitate opportunities for interaction and collaboration in the market access ecosystem. Dymaxium's expertise and experience ensure that for each project and product portfolio that clients' entrust to us, we use all of our insights and assets to create the most impactful point of intersection between Payers and Life Sciences companies.

Dymaxium offers our clients an exceptional consultative approach. Whether we are leveraging industry leading tools such as Dymaxiumís FormularyDecisions® platform, the premier product evaluation system and foremost portal for health care decision makers in US payer organizations, or creating a specific multimedia software solution, or designing an entire value- and evidence-based communication interactive program, we identify and design solutions with a proven ability to communicate with relevant stakeholders, understand their needs and the factors affecting their decision-making and perceptions, while creating a specific opportunity for an enhanced connection.

For more than 18 years, Dymaxium has been a trusted market access and HEOR communication partner that has successfully implemented more than 700 unique, leading edge software tools and solutions for all of the major life sciences companies today.


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Dymaxium's Head Office is in Toronto, Canada. Our sales and project teams are located throughout the world.

Pharmaceutical personnel requiring further information, Investor Relations and other inquiries can be directed to:

Toll free: 1 888 876 7050
Telephone: 1 416 348 9339
Facsimile: 1 416 348 9551

Address: 145 Front St. E., Suite 306, Toronto,
Ontario M5A 1E3, Canada
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For more information on our Consulting Solutions, please contact
Allen Lising, alising@dymaxium.com
416 348 9339, ext 505

For more information on our Interactive Tools, please contact
Paul Pijuan, ppijuan@dymaxium.com
416 348 9339, ext 300

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